Thank you for all of the lovely comments and feedback that you have given us about the 2019 Winchester 10K.

We are really glad that you seem to have enjoyed it!

There are a few things that people have commented on that we wanted to reply to and show what improvements are included in the plans for next year. We also wanted to let you know a few things that happened behind the scenes.

Road closures

The roads were closed on a rolling basis, so that the roads were closed for the minimum amount of time for the residents whilst at the same time ensuring that our runners had the best experience. The final road closures were lifted at 10:30am – our amazing tail runners (Sue and Angela) crossed the line at 10:18. Unfortunately, we had drivers moving cones and signs to enter the closed roads – we are working with the council and the traffic management company to identify ways to reduce the risk of this happening next year.

Signs on the route

There were supposed to be signs up on the route, both KM markers and some comfort signs (although there should have been marshalls on any junctions where you had to change direction). So why weren’t they out? Well one of our vans (our Race Director Kelly’s) had a blow-out on the motorway at 4am – it took a while to get it sorted). You can guess where the signs were!

Finish Line

The finish line area was not to our normal standard. The main reason is that it was moved after it had been set up. You may have noticed that there were sprayed distance markers (these had been put down the day before so that the signs were easy to put up). We setup the finish line on the 10K mark but it turns out that our colleague’s watch had thrown a funny in the last kilometre and had measured it was short.

When the course measurement certificate arrived (guess where that was!) we realised the finish was not in the right place and had to move everything! The finish line gantry and timing equipment was in place and operational 3 minutes before the first runner crossed the line. We hate to think how high Matt’s (our Technical Director’s) blood pressure got to getting all this ready.

Post Finish Line

It was a bit of a scrum wasn’t it! Well done to everyone moving on, making sure that the people crossing the line had space. Next year we will rejig the locations of the T-Shirt collection and water station to ensure it flows better – we are also looking at the possibility of moving the finish.

Bag Drop

Our communications on the bag drop need to be a bit better – quite a few people didn’t know where it was, how to get their bags back or the £1 donation to Winchester Hospice. You can guess where the signs were directing people to the bag drop from the finish line

We’ll make sure that that is improved next year.

Recycling Bins

We had partnered with a Recycling Company for both the Romsey 5 and the Winchester 10K. Unfortunately, they had no drivers that could deliver the bins late on the Saturday before the Winchester 10K. They let us know on the Saturday afternoon when it was too late for us to put alternatives in place.

Rest assured, all of the cans and cardboard at the finish were sorted and put in recycling bins – thanks to one of our marshalls, Scott, and Debbie (one of our Directors).

We are also looking in to alternatives to the plastic cups at the drinks station.

Our left over bananas were delivered to the Eastleigh Basics Bank. Leftover Haribo and left over cans of water will be used at our next event (The Southampton Fast Twitch Triathlon)

The Route

We had to have a new route this year due to issues on the old route. The feedback has been very positive and we expect to run the same route again. We will be looking at what modifications we can make to move the finish line further back in the park (i.e. closer to the 10K that was marked on the ground).

The route took a long time to get agreed and approved and we were unable to finalise the route until really close to the race date. This meant that we were unable to publish it as far in advance as we would have liked. With a previously approved route, we only need to get the permits in place for 2020 so hopefully we will be in a much better place.

Provisional/Final Chip Times

Chip timing is almost a black art. We had a 100% detection rate an the finish line (and we had Debbie manually noting down runners as they crossed the line – we normally have a video camera as well but we ran out of time setting it up due to the finish line move). Industry average is 1-2% misses per timing point so we were really happy with this!

The time you received by text was the GUN time (the time from the horn to the time you crossed the finish line). This is also published on the website within a few minutes of you finishing.

Once we get home, we retrieve the chip detections from the start line box and process the chip times. Unfortunately, we had a lower detection rate the start line, and some mis-detections. Terry, our Ops Director is working with the equipment manufacturer to identify improvements for next year and we are looking at options to make the CHIP times as immediately available as the GUN times.

The website should have left the CHIP time blank until we uploaded the chip times. Unfortunately, Matt forgot to flick the switch and it automatically copied the GUN to the CHIP time.

We ask everyone to contact us before the 6pm deadline two days after the event to query any of the results. We think people misunderstood and thought all of the results would be uploaded at this point so we will improve the messaging for next year.

We have processed all of the queries we received after the deadline, but these missed the deadline to send to Run Britain.

Any other feedback?

Drop us an email – event-feedback@challenging.events


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