The ‘New Normal’ Triathlon.

There are lots of questions about what to expect and the honest answer is we don’t really know yet. We are getting lots of pointers from the BTF but they are also waiting for their rules to be approved by Public Health England.

So, we thought we would give you a guide of what we are currently expecting to have to implement.

We will update you as we get more details and full detailed instructions will be issued nearer race day.

We know that social distancing reduces the risk of the virus spreading. We ask that all participants adhere to this and ensure that keep themselves apart from others at the event, which includes parking, registration, transition etc.

Below is some of the things that will be put into place, things new procedures will reduce the risk but as with everything it will not totally remove the risk. If you are still unsure about racing or have underlying health conditions we would love to see you back when you are ready.

Fortunately Triathlon is a sport where we can socially distance and the events will be run in a time trial format.


Registration will be done online. We will ask you for you predicted swim time so we can seed you for the start.

We will ask you to upload a selfie and a picture of a form of ID. If you have claimed your BTF discount and a photo of your membership card. This is a requirement of our insurance. You will only have to do this once for this season.

Seven days before the event you will be asked to complete a competitors statement online (we usually do this when you arrive at registration but to avoid lots of pens and paper it will be done online)

The competitor statement has the usual questions regarding adhering to the BTF rules etc but will feature some new questions about your current health relating to COVID-19 symptoms. IF you are or have anyone in your household that is unwell you will not be able to take part.

Race briefing

Race briefing will be done online, you must either join the google meet or watch the video.

Race pack pick up

You will be allocated a time to arrive and a time to pick up your race pack. Hand sanitiser must be used before approach and face covering will be required. This will avoid large queues and stagger peoples movements.


Transition will be a lot bigger than normal. You will have plenty of space to rack your bike.  You must keep your distance from other competitors.

Apart from when your race is underway (i.e setup and after you have finished) you will be required to use hand sanitiser before entering and you will be expected to wear a face covering.

Race Start

You will be allocated a precise time to start your race. If you miss your time you will be able to start at the back but your time would have already started. We really encourage you to keep an eye on the time!

The event will have a rolling start format where groups on six will be started every 5 – 15 seconds. The swim venue is large and allows for everyone to spread out.

One way system

There will be one way systems in place and you will be expected to follow them.

Aid stations

Aid stations will be marshalled. Only the marshal is to fill drinks. This marshal will ensure that no cross contamination happens. They will be using hand gel regularly and face coverings.

There will be sealed gels and sealed energy bars only.

You are responsible to ensure you bring everything you need to fuel your event and carry it with you.

When over taking

The current understanding is that SARS-CoV-2 is spread by droplets from your nose and mouth (and there are now some indications that it can spread as aerosols as well).

When you are exerting yourself you are more likely to produce the droplets so we would ask you to give as much room as possible when over taking and not to cut back in front of the person you are overtaking for a good few metres.

Finish line

This is one of the saddest part of the current plans :-(.

Once you have cross the finish line there will be a one way system, for you to follow. You will need to follow social distancing rules and use hand sanitiser. You will collect your own medal, unfortunately there will not be that wonderful marshal to put it around your neck.

You will be required to remove your own timing chip and put it in the buck of disinfectant.

Only a sealed bottle of water will be available and a banana at the finish.


Spectators are strongly recommended not to attend to reduce the number of people gathering.

If they are coming they will be given guidance as to where they can and cannot go. They must adhere to these restrictions and follow instructions from our marshals or they will be asked to leave. The should bring a mask and use it when they are unable to maintain 2 metres distances from others.

Face coverings

We would ask that on top of the compulsory times listed above, that you wear a face covering as much as possible.

If you would like to discuss anything about the event please drop me a line at kelly@challening.events

Last Updated: 13th July 2020

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The ‘New Normal’ Triathlon. There are lots of questions about what to expect and the honest answer is we don’t really know yet. We are getting lots of pointers from the BTF but they are also waiting for their rules to be approved by Public Health England. So, we thought we would give you a
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