Spread the cost

We believe that all of our events offer really good value. However, our best value comes from our bundles which can save 10% or more.

Paying up front for some may be an issue, so we are pleased to be able to offer options to spread the cost of our bundles and more expensive events over a number of months.

There is no charge for this service, but there are some conditions which include:

  • Only available for events or bundles that are on sale for £40 or more
  • Unless specified the use of discount codes are not usually available.
  • For a single event, the total must be received two weeks before the event.
  • For a bundle of events, the full price of the first event must normally be received one week before the event.
  • Entry via this route is not eligible for our up to 70% refund policy but:
    • For a single event: if a cancellation request is received 28 days before the event, 70% of all monies received will be converted to a voucher for use on any of our other events
    • for a bundle: you will receive a refund based on how many events in the bundle you have used, again as a voucher.  The details of this will be provided before you agree to the payment plan
  • You must have a UK bank account that accepts Direct Debits
  • Cancellations requests must be received at least 5 working days before the next payment is due.
  • You must agree to an automatic payment plan, either weekly, bi-weekly, four weekly/monthly or bi-monthly
  • This is NOT credit; all payments must be received before taking part in any events.
  • Payments will be calculated by dividing the total amount by the number of payments and rounding up to the nearest 1p.  For example, a £65 event, paid in 7 instalments would have 7 instalments of £9.29.

To find out more or to apply, please raise a ticket on our Help Desk or
contact@challenging.events with the subject “Spread the Cost”.

Some examples

The examples all assume that the first payment is being taken on or around 1st February 2018.  In the tables, the “Cancellation Request” column shows the date that the cancellation request must be received (either due to payment processing times or to the minimum notice period for an event).

Single Event

The event is being held on 9th September and costs £65 to enter.  The balance is required before the 26th of August.


Payment Date Amount £ Balance £ Cancellation
Voucher £
Feb 9.29 9.29 6.50 21/02/2018
Mar 9.29 18.58 13.00 23/03/2018
Apr 9.29 27.87 19.50 23/04/2018
May 9.29 37.16 26.00 24/05/2018
Jun 9.29 46.45 32.50 22/06/2018
Jul 9.29 55.74 39.00 24/07/2018
Aug 9.29 65.03 45.50 12/08/2018


Bundle Events

The events are being held on 8th April (£45), 1 July (£65) 9th and the 9th September (£65).

Payment Date Amount Balance Voucher Cancellation Request
Feb 25.00 25.00 17.50 21/02/2018
Mar 25.00 5.00 35.00 11/03/2018
Apr 25.00 30.00 21.00 23/04/2018
May 25.00 55.00 38.50 24/05/2018
Jun 25.00 80.00 56.00 03/06/2018
Jul 25.00 40.00 28.00 24/07/2018
Aug 25.00 65.00 45.50 12/08/2018


To find out more or to apply, please raise a ticket on our Help Desk or
contact@challenging.events with the subject “Spread the Cost”.