Today, we processed our first fully automatic transfer from one entrant to another.

It is also the first transfer initiated through our new self service portal
https://my.challenging.events/ where you can see all of your entries, request a transfer to another competitor, refund or withdrawal. Soon you will be able to update your address, contact details, change distance (within an event) and see any discounts that you are eligible for and your previous results too.

We have offered transfers previously, however, although they have been “automatic” from your (as a competitor’s) side, they have involved a fair amount of work from our side.

There have also been quite a few changes for entries for our events: we now have our own custom entry system which allows us to get the information in a format we want – little things like making sure phone numbers are in the correct format to making sure that people enter valid emails and addresses.

It also allows us to issue vouchers and discount codes that can work across all of our events. It may not be the prettiest of systems but it works well.
We were able to offer free transfers previously, but we are now unable to do this for a few reasons.

  • the biggest question we had about transfers was “how do I get my money from the person I transfer to?”. We made a decision to change the process to make sure that the person got their money back but this has knock on effects
  • although businesses are no longer allowed to charge you for using credit/debit cards, we still get charged for the transaction – even if we refund your payment
  • we have joined a scheme that protects your entry if we have to cancel the event (or change the date and you can’t make the new one) – we incur the cost for this at the time you pay for your entry and the protection is non transferable
  • if you took out the optional Refund Protection, again we incur the cost for this at the time you pay for your entry and the protection is non transferable.
  • you may be eligible for a discount (BTF, UKA or a club discount) which the new person is not. This has meant that some people have arrived at registration and had to pay for their day license which they weren’t expecting. The new process ensures that everyone pays the correct amount.

We hope that makes sense and you explains why we can’t return all of your money.

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