Cancellation Policy

There are times when you need to cancel your entry to one of our events (note this applies to events organised by Challenging Events directly).

So that everyone understands where they stand, we have tried to keep our entry terms as simple as possible.

Our refund policy for all events is as follows:

Withdrawal requests received by 0600 twenty-eight (28) days prior to the start of the event are eligible for an up to 70% refund (see below) – the ONLY exception to this is where the entrant is pregnant and (if received by the above deadline) will be entitled to a full refund.  

Withdrawals after that time will not be refunded as all race day costs have been incurred by that stage and you will not be replaced.

There are no deferrals or transfers to alternative/ later events.

You must acknowledge that you understand and agree to this policy during the registration process.


If you do not agree with this refund policy, please do not enter the event.

We have an FAQ Section on our HelpDesk that has answers to some of our common questions and provides more about the thinking behind why we have implemented this policy


Why “up to 70%”?

There are some fees that are not recoverable when an entrant signs up.  To cover these costs, our minimum administrative charge is £10.

Some examples of how much you would get back if you cancelled an entry are as follows:

Entry Fee Administration Fee Refund Amount
£20 £10 £10
£30 £10 £20
£40 £12 £28
£50 £15 £35
£60 £18 £42
£70 £21 £49